Why We Spring Clean

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There are many reasons humans feel a need to clean out our houses each year – what we call a spring-clean. Most of these stem from a feeling of anxiety brought about by the collection of rubbish within our living space or simply an appreciation of the aesthetics of a tidy house. Here we’ve listed five great reasons to clean out your house (though you might be able to come up with more practical ones!).

1. You can’t reach the fridge

In our time as humans, we’ve found that one of the best things you can do for your health is eat. When we tried not eating for a few days during research for this article, we found that not only did our cognitive abilities begin to falter, but we also felt more and more hungry – on an alarming scale. To avoid the unfortunate circumstance of not being able to eat because you can’t reach your fridge, make sure you regularly review how much junk has appeared in your kitchen, and whether much of it is, indeed, ‘throw-outable’.

2. You can’t get down the stairs

Something that has often baffled us here at WHW Clearance is the time that residents are happy to spend on the top floor of their house simply because they cannot find, or access, the stairs. Much like being able to reach the fridge, we think it’s pretty important that you use the stairs rather than the drainpipe. To ensure this is possible, make sure you regularly review how much junk has appeared near your staircase, and whether much of it is, indeed, ‘throw-outable’.

3. Your neighbours no longer like you

We recently saw a statistic saying that arguments between neighbours have risen 3.7 million percent in the past year. We assume much of this has come about as a result of an untidy house. Our recommendation is very much in line with, we believe, all professionals in the industry: think about the last time you performed a solid clean out of your home. If it’s been more than a few months, do you need to do it again?

4. You’re a big fan of Hinduism

There’s a part in one of the Hindu texts where a woman asks: ‘What should I do with that by which I do not become immortal?’ Basically, she’s saying that none of the old stuff you don’t use anymore is going to save you from death, so there’s really no point keeping it. Now we don’t religiously follow Hindu texts so to speak, but we’re pleased to say that we’ll happily support you in this task.

5. You’ve always wanted to do a spring-clean

It’s funny – not all of us have even done a spring-clean before. You know what’s great about doing a spring-clean? You feel like a better person, your mind, body and soul are cleansed, and you can meet us: your friendly rubbish collectors at WHW!