How To Clean Your House

house cleaning

Cleaning your house – it can be a pretty daunting task to think about. Sometimes you’ve just moved in and got scared by how much stuff you had to cart around, other times you’ve been settled for years and you’re starting to wonder where the garage went! Luckily, we enjoy helping you sort that out. Here are a few tips to help you on your way before you can call us and get us to pick up all the junk.

Go through room by room

The best way to deal with a task that’s daunting is to break it down into bite-size pieces. Is there a specific section of your house that you know stores most of the junk? Are there little bits and pieces all over the place that you need to work your way through? If it’s the former, simply section that off and start from one end and work your way through. If it’s the latter, we suggest starting with the big bits – the old lounge, that falling-apart desk – this way you’ll be able to see the progress you’re making which will be a big psychological win.

Divide up your rubbish

One thing we notice is that people go gung-ho at their belongings and end up with a giant pile in the driveway, and begin to wonder if everything is actually junk – then they start to worry. From the outset, make sure you have different areas for different types of rubbish. For example, don’t put that lounge where you’re putting the old computer, and keep the plastics separate from the metal. Not only does this make it more manageable when you’re doing a final check, it also helps us when we come to collect it and are looking to dispose of each item in the proper way.

Do a double take

Now, this is an important one. We once saw a sign on a lamppost with the message: ‘Lost: family heirloom. Dark timber cabinet – mistaken for trash’. Don’t let yourself make the same error. With everything organised in the divisions you set up in that previous step, go round and make sure that it’s all rubbish!

Have the rubbish removed responsibly

The final (and most rewarding part) of your cleaning journey is having all that junk carted away without having to lift another finger! WHW Clearance comes and takes care of all your rubbish to get it where it should be: an eco-friendly area far away from your house!