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Why We Spring Clean

There are many reasons humans feel a need to clean out our houses each year – what we call a spring-clean. Most of these stem from a feeling of anxiety brought about by the collection of rubbish within our living space or simply an appreciation of the aesthetics of a tidy house. Here we’ve listed five great reasons to clean out your house (though you might be able to come up with more practical ones!).

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Brief History of Waste Management

Managing waste has always been a challenge. Back in the days of hunter gatherers it was easy to leave waste behind and move on, but once mankind adopted farming managing waste became an important issue and in some settlements the communal burning of waste became a ritual.

Things more or less ticked along throughout the growth of civilisations; waste had to be dealt with but it was never too much of a problem. What could be re-used was generally put to some purpose, and one way or another biodegradable waste found its way back into the eco system.

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How To Clean Your House

Cleaning your house – it can be a pretty daunting task to think about. Sometimes you’ve just moved in and got scared by how much stuff you had to cart around, other times you’ve been settled for years and you’re starting to wonder where the garage went! Luckily, we enjoy helping you sort that out. Here are a few tips to help you on your way before you can call us and get us to pick up all the junk.

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